Chinese Dress Code Basics

Silk (丝绸), is made from cocoon fiber, synthetic fiber or artificial fiber.
Silk is the specialty of China as well as the essential component of Chinese culture. Silk is light, soft and highly malleable.
Han people invented and produced largely silk articles and made the first East-West trade exchange of silk, called “silk road” in history. Since Han Dynasty, Chinese silk was constantly shipped abroad in large numbers.
It is well-known as one part of Chinese culture.

How to dress during Chinese New Year?

For women, cheongsam and qipao, traditional Chinese dresses, were the proper and most popular outfit for the day. Nowadays, we can find in the form of very sporty clothes, mandarin blouses as well as jackets and pants.

For men, Mao collar shirts are by far the most popular. The symbol of the dragon is also a much appreciated element during the festivities. Many men do not hesitate to wear traditional kung-fu costumes to stay within the traditions.

Whether it is for men, women or children, the color red is a must. It is indeed the color of the Chinese New Year, symbol of happiness.

If you are visiting during the Chinese New Year celebrations, there is one tradition that could change your wardrobe choices. Typically, during the celebrations people in China will buy new clothes to symbolize the new year. If you are attending a party for this festival, a new outfit would be the right choice.

What to wear during a Chinese Wedding

If you’re lucky enough to attend a traditional Chinese wedding, it is sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget. Weddings in China are extravagant affairs that usually take place in hotel ballrooms and other rented spaces. As with all weddings, your clothing choices should respect the bride and groom above all else.

It’s a bad idea to wear anything too flashy, revealing, or untidy. If the wedding is a traditional, Western, or combination of the two; you can be sure it will be a classy event. Ladies, tasteful dresses in colors other than white are appropriate. Brides in China will often have two dresses, a traditional red and a modern white for different parts of the ceremony. You don’t want to be matching the bride so avoid these colors. For men, slacks and a dress shirt and tie at the minimum is encouraged.

What to wear in Religious Sites

When frequenting temples and other holy sites, it is customary to wear more modest clothing. Making sure your shoulders and knees are covered is the most important rule. Wearing this type of respectful clothing is encouraged when touring religious sites such as Buddhist temples and shrines. Occasionally, you may be expected to remove your shoes when entering a religious site.

Pay attention to your surroundings and try to follow along with what the people around you are doing. The people around you can be your best teachers. Hats and other nonreligious head coverings are generally discouraged.

What to wear visiting Chinese family

Being invited to share a meal or visit the home of a Chinese family can be an honor. The typical Chinese home varies whether you find yourself in a rural or urban setting, but one rule is UNIVERSAL.

The Chinese do not wear their shoes inside the home and instead opt to wear slippers at all times. When you enter a home in China, you should take your shoes off immediately at the door. Most families will keep a stockpile of slippers near the door in various sizes for guests. If you are wearing socks, it is appropriate to keep them on inside the slippers.

What to wear in Minority Areas

China’s many minority areas are home to ethnic groups that vary greatly compared to the urban populations of Beijing and Shanghai. Many historically Muslim ethnic groups can be found throughout China and typically adhere to common Islamic dress codes.

When you are traveling in these areas, it is best to be respectful of the local culture and dress modestly. Ladies may feel more comfortable bringing a headscarf along when visiting such areas. While it may not be expected for you to cover as an outsider, bring one along incase entering a certain area requires a covering.

China is a very traditional oriental nation, it attaches a lot of importance on etiquettes.

For example, when it came to wearing dress, they wear decent dress to respect others and esteem themselves. That’s why you will rarely find a Chinese girl in a very low dress in public.

Around the coastal cities of China, it will be difficult to find a girl on a bikini. In many ways, the easterners are more conservative than the westerners. Consequently, western ladies are suggested to wear sort of conservative swimming suit.


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